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Gran Canaria: eating gluten-free among volcanoes and sand dunes

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After the fright of the previous day, on Wednesday we decided to eat at the hotel and not taking any risk. For lunchtime the restaurant where used to have breakfast was closed, but we were told there was another near the pool. This one was much smaller, but it had incredible ocean views. Again I asked about gluten free meals and there was no problem, everyone was aware. They brought me toasted gluten free bread with butter and I ordered half roasted chicken. I’m sorry, I ate it so fast that I did not take a picture of it! You can believe me, it was delicious!

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In the afternoon we went to see a town in the center of the island called Galdar. The truth is that it was beautiful and it is amazing to see how they build houses in places that seem impossible to reach. Needless to say, the road was crazy too.

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Thursday woke up a day very different from the ones we had had before: it was pouring rain. Without being able to go down to the pool, we were thinking about an alternative plan and finally we decided on going to visit Puerto de Mogán. It is one of the most touristic and well-known towns on the island, but at that time there were not too many people. Although it was still raining when we arrived, the weather there varies very fast, so we could enjoy some sunny moments. The truth is that, after the other sceneries we had seen, I did not think I would like it so much. With those expectations I was really surprised how beautiful it is. All full of white houses, with colorful ornaments and thousands of flowers in the streets. You really can not miss it.

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We also found a place to eat gluten-free there!: Restaurant Costabella in Puerto de Mogan. They have the whole menu marked with allergens, and it is a reliable place. The cook is celiac and the waiters also know a lot about the subject, so we liked it. I ordered a grilled tuna steak that was very juicy (all the sauce you see in the photo is, of course, “mojo picón”). For dessert, since all smoothies they had were gluten free, I decided to order a coconut, pineapple and banana one. Yummy!

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While we were eating there we looked for more information about the area to see something after lunch. That’s how we discovered the Azulejos. A natural place a few kilometers away from the town. It is so beautiful that I cannot describe it. You better go and see. We were lucky because the sun just came out, and as it had rained, those stones shone even more. The western part of the island is the least urbanized, in fact the highway does not arrive. But the landscapes are amazing, with impressive mountains and valleys. You feel that suddenly you have jumped into the Pyrenees.

azulejos en gran canaria

Our penultimate day we thought to go to the center of the island. We went back to eat at the hotel restaurant, this time I ordered grilled squid. It was also very good. Again they put bread and butter to accompany it.

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Once recovered we went to our last destination through a hellish road and mountain landscapes that took your breath away. The truth is that Gran Canaria is an island of contrasts. You change landscapes abruptly in a matter of minutes: from the southern dunes, to the more arid and volcanic landscapes, to steep mountains and valleys full of vegetation. That’s what we found when we arrived at our destination: Tejeda (part of the most beautiful villages in Spain). The town itself seemed quite normal, that is, with small white houses, little else. But what makes it exceptional is the location. The views from there take your breath away.

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Since we were there we went to Artenara, to enjoy the views from the Mirador de los Poetas. This was the only point that disappointed me and I really advise you not to go. The views are much more beautiful on the road and you will save yourself a long climb. In fact I leave you a picture that we made going there and one of the ones that impresses me the most about this trip.

montañas de gran canaria

For dinner I decided to order pizza. From the first day they told us that, although they could not do it at the buffet due to cross-contamination, there was no problem. I ordered it in the morning, during breakfast, and they made it apart in the kitchen with all ingredients I wanted. They had it ready for dinner. They also had pasta, but I did not get to try it. I ordered it a couple of days and the truth is that it was very good, although the dough was quite thick and I prefer it thinner. It was a great pizza. I ordered one of ham and cheese, which, along with the barbecue, is my favorite.

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And for dessert I decided to change a little. I always take fruit because I love it and it also does not cause problems. But the day before we discovered that they had a bowl of cream next to the desserts. The truth is that cream is my weakness. It’s something that I love. So I went to ask if I could eat it. They told me that there was no problem, but if I wanted to, in order to avoid possible cross contamination in case someone had put a dirty spoon, they would bring a separate glass for me, straight from the kitchen. I did not think about it for half a second. That day I rolled out of the restaurant, but happy with life.

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We dedicated our last day to enjoy the swimming pool and do some last minute shopping. We would have liked to see more things, but we also needed to rest. That’s what the holidays are for! In addition, we took the opportunity to watch the sunset at sea. I love to see sunsets in beautiful places whenever I travel, and seeing it over the sea was something that had been pending for a long time. It was a perfect ending.

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I absolutely recommend you to go to Gran Canaria. And even more if you like beautiful landscapes and good weather. As I said it is an island of contrasts and I think that everyone can find something that will make them fall in love with this place.

Regarding the food and despite my allergic reaction, I have no complaint. In all the gluten free restaurants in Gran Canaria they treated me great and I felt that people understood a lot about the subject. If you have also been or plan to go, we will love that you write to us to tell us.

You can see the pictures of the trip here.



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P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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