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If you were diagnosed with celiac disease in childhood, to be careful with eating gluten free is a good eating habit you were already raised with.

If you were diagnosed with celiac disease in adolescence, probably you got angry because you couldn’t eat anymore the bakery you liked most, or because sandwiches were not as good as before (bread’s fault), or just because at this age everything can make you angry… for sure you also skipped the diet once or twice and felt the consequences, especially if you have digestive symptoms… but at the end, you realized that eating gluten free makes you feel better.

If you were diagnosed with celiac disease in adulthood, it might have been really difficult to adapt your diet to your new celiac condition, especially if you eat a lot out of home, or if you travel a lot, whether for work or pleasure… in any case, after reading a lot about it in the internet, you realized that you just have to avoid eating gluten, that’s all.

So far, the only known and proved solution to gluten intolerance or celiac disease is to eat gluten free, forever. Once you are diagnosed and your Doctor ordered you to take gluten off your diet, then you just have to eat wihtout gluten. And this is not difficult at all… the tricky thing is to avoid cross contamination.

cross contamination


In reference to gluten free food, crossed contamination refers to a wrong manipulation of the gluten free products that can be contaminated with gluten. This means that gluten free products get in contact with products containing gluten, therefore, you cannot eat them. Let’s give some examples of crossed contamination:

  • Cooking gluten free pasta in a different pot, but stirring it with the same spoon used for pasta with gluten.
  • Frying French fries with the same oil used to fry breadcrumbs (croquetas, breadcrumbed chicken, pork, bread, dough made with wheat flour…).
  • Use a knife that cut, for example, bread with gluten, to cut your gluten free bread.
  • Long etc.


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