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¡Gluten free ice cream in Spain!

gluten free ice cream

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Good weather! I love it! One of the greatest things we have in this country! And of course… when you finish working it’s still daylight! So, the only thing you want to do is going out with friends and take something fresh… Since going to the beach or to the swimming pool is not always easy, the best alternative is a good ice cream.
Although there are quite a few ice cream shops offering gluten-free ice cream with a cone included, it’s still hard to find ice cream shops that have a good control of the cross-contamination.

dino ice cream shop

But hey, the fact that it is difficult to find one, does not mean that they do not exist! They exist! In fact, DINO is one of them. And an Italian one! I love their ice cream, soft and creamy. Besides, we can eat almost all flavors: caramel, vanilla, chocolate, mango, cream, lemon, coffee, yoghurt, strawberry, after eight, banana… ¡and all of them have the allergens indicated!

gluten free ice cream cones

Even if you do not order a gluten-free cone, it is very important that you tell them that you are celiac. Then they will serve you following the right procedure to eliminate cross-contamination: first, they wash hands, then they wash the ice cream tools – which are not the typical to make the ice-cream balls, they are shovels – and, when all the material is clean to serve you, with the shovel they separate the ice cream until arriving at a clean zone, meaning the part that they have not touched to serve other ice creams with gluten full cone. This ensures that there is no cross-contamination.

gluten free ice cream of all flavors

And what is even better is that they have all the gluten full ice-creams together, under the cookies. They do it like this in case a cookie falls on top of the ice creams, it will fall on top of the gluten full ice creams, instead of falling on top of the gluten free ice cream. That is perfect!

I am quite classic, therefore, my favorite ice cream is the caramel and vanilla. But we can eat almost all the flavors except, of course, those with cookies and so on.

gluten free ice cream with gluten free cone

I usually go to the Dino Ice Cream Shop on Rambla de Sabadell, but they have more shops in:
1) In Barcelona:
a. Passeo de Gracia 4.
b. Calle Ferran 27, the street that goes from La Rambla until the Town Hall of Barcelona
c. Calle Almirante Cervera 1.
d. Shopping Mall Illa en Avda Diagonal 554-569.
e. Plaça Revolució.
f. Plaça Sants 88.
g. Rabmla 54.
2) In Hospitalet de Llobregat they have a shop in Shopping Mall Gran Vía 2.
3) In Sitges, they are in Calle Primero de Mayo 1.
4) In Empuriabrava (Costa Brava) they are in Calle St. Mori 15.
5) In Girona, at Rambla Llibertat 33.
6) In Platja D’Aro, at Carretera de Sant Feliu de Guixols s/n.
7) In Roses, at Avda Rhode 189.
8) In Salt, at Shopping Mall Camí dels Carlins 10.
9) In Palma de Mallorca, at Plaza Olivar 7.
10) In Zaragoza, at Plaza del Pilar 10.
11) And, for the most adventurous, they have a shop at Avda Mohammed V in Marrakech (Morocco).

P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. Thank you very much!


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