Once you have a clear idea of what is gluten and what products can contain it, to design a gluten free diet is very easy. Below, a list of products by category, indicating what may contain gluten and it is recommended to check before eating.

This list is just indicative. If you have any doubt of any product, contact with the producer or just do not buy it until you are sure you can take it.  

Gluten free fruit

Fruit: fruit and juice is naturally gluten free. Check those that are processed, like IV range fruit, dried fruit and jam.

Gluten free nuts

Nuts: raw, toasted or dried nuts (except figs) are naturally gluten free. Check those that are chopped, fried, with sugar or in powder form. Usually dried figs have wheat flour, check it out before eating.

Glute free vegetables

Vegetables: all non-cooked vegetables and mushrooms are gluten free. Check those that are processed, like IV range vegetables, dried vegetables, industrial vegetables creams,  pre-cooked portions, pre-fried frozen fries or canned legumes. Pay special attention to those vegetables sold in bulk.

Gluten free flour

Cereals and flour: corn, teff, millet, rice, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, sorghum and sesame are gluten free cereals. Any product made with these cereals in a workshop with no crossed contamination will be gluten free. Cookies, bread, pasta and bakery labeled as gluten free are okay for your diet. Important to pay special attention to bread and bakery produced into regular shops where they prepare products with gluten. The fact that the ingredients do not contain gluten does not mean that they are not in touch with other ingredients containing it. 

Gluten free meat

Meat and meat products: all fresh and frozen meat is gluten free. Pay attention to processed meats like hamburger, sausages, cold cuts and ready-meals, minced meat, meat balls… 

Gluten free eggs

Eggs: any type of dried, cooled or fresh eggs is gluten free. Just take care with “angel hair” (sweet food made of eggs – chiefly yolks) used for desserts and decoration for side dishes, and lyophilized eggs.

Gluten free dairy products

Milk and dairy products: usually dairy products are naturally gluten free. Pay attention to milk powders, margarine, yoghurt with fruit pieces or other added ingredients, processed cheese (spreadable, mousse, diced, grated…), other dairy products such as mousses, custard, crème caramel… 

Gluten free ready meals

Fish and seafood: any type of fresh, canned (with oil or natural), frozen, not bread-crumbed, boiled fish or seafood is gluten free. Pay attention to pre-cooked, ready-meal, prepared or surimi.   

Gluten free soup

Soups and sauces: if they are homemade, there shouldn’t be a problem as far as you used gluten free ingredients to prepare it. Pay attention to those you buy ready-to-eat.

Gluten free yeast

Yeast: fresh yeast is gluten free. Pay attention to chemical yeasts.

Gluten free chocolate

Cocoa: pure powder cocoa is gluten free. Pay attention of chocolate bars, chocolate creams, chocolates or any other processed chocolate type. 

Gluten free condiments

Condiments: all natural unmilled packed condiments are gluten free. Pay attention to milled spices, mixes, curries and to those sold in bulk.  

Gluten free oil

Oils: all olive and seed oils are gluten free. Pay attention with those mixed with aromatic herbs. 

Gluten free alcoholic drinks

Drinks with alcohol: any type of wine and sparkling wine is gluten free. Also distilled beverages and liquors and liqueurs. Pay attention of creamy liquors and beers not labeled with gluten free indications.

Gluten free juice

Drinks without alcohol: soft-drinks, coffee beans or milled (toasted, mixed, decafeined, natural), teas and infusions are gluten free. Pay attention to soluble coffee or in capsules and bagged or chopped tea and infusions. 

Gluten free confectionery

Confectionery: it depends on the brand and ingredients. Check them all before buying. Usually those suitable for gluten free diet have the gluten free symbol.


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Gluten free shopping

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Gluten free diet

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