Gluten free shopping

Nowadays, it is very easy to find gluten free products.


Almost every supermarket chain has a dietary products area, or even a gluten free section; some drugstores also sell gluten free products; and, of course, you can find them at the health food stores, where you will probably find the bigger assortment. Some recommendations:

  • Ask your Celiac Association for the gluten free products list. You will probably have to join in by paying a yearly fee.
  • Check the website of the different gluten free brands to see where their products are available. You can also contact with them so they can send you a full list.
  • Find where the health food stores are there where you live.
  • Probably, the supermarket where you usually buy your grocery has a dedicated area, at least for dietary products.
  • Look for the international Gluten Free symbol on the packaging, or any claim on the packaging informing that you have a gluten free product on your hands. This symbol guarantees that this product is suitable for a gluten free diet, which means that contains less than 20ppm of gluten.
  • If you do not find a gluten free symbol, read the ingredients list. If the product contains gluten, it should be indicated in bold letters.
  • To make sure you can eat a product without gluten content indications, contact with the producer.

These apps will help you to do the shopping.

gluten free shopping in the supermarket

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