Idioma / Language: Spanish


The celiac travel cards are a tool that I believe no celiac person can forget at home before going on a trip. Why? Because it will help make communication with any waiter easier. As long as they want to help… of course!

The celiac card will come in handy when the gluten-free apps on your phone don’t work for you. Using only online gluten-free apps (most of them work with geolocation) can be useless in two cases. The first, when you don’t have mobile data or, even worse, no signal. The second, when the app tells you there are no gluten-free restaurants near you. In this situation, and especially when you are in a country where you cannot communicate in the local language, you need to be able to explain your celiac condition to the waiter or cook on duty. How do you do it if you do not speak their language? How do you do it if you cannot communicate with them in English, French, Spanish…?

This is where the gluten-free travel card in the local language will be of great help. In addition to the celiac travel card in the local language, I always carry it in English, French and Spanish just in case. There will always be someone who speaks or understands one of these languages.

Below you will find the gluten-free travel cards that I use to travel the world in search of the best gluten-free establishments. It is in more than 35 languages! I don’t care if they are gluten-free restaurants, gluten-free bakeries or gluten-free ice cream parlors, the Gluten-Free Card always goes with me just in case!