Idioma / Language: Spanish

---------- Gluten-Free Celiac Travel Cards ----------

“In our opinion, the gluten-free celiac travel card is the best gluten-free application there is. Most gluten-free apps only work if you have data. Nowadays, being in Europe roaming is no longer a problem, but if you travel farther roaming can have a big impact on the travel budget. The gluten-free travel card needs no data.

In many cases, even if you have prepared the gluten-free trip very well, having the coeliac travel card in the local language can be very helpful. In fact, it is much better to carry the celiac card in several languages (language of your gluten-free destination, English and/or Spanish) to have more tools to be able to eat gluten-free safely.

Below you will find the gluten-free travel cards that we use to travel the world in search of the best gluten-free restaurants – it’s in more than 35 languages! We don’t care if there are gluten-free restaurants, gluten-free bakeries or gluten-free ice-cream parlours. The Celiac Travel Card always goes with us just in case!”