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Traveling and eating out is something we love! Even so, the fact of eating out of home sometimes involves a huge risk of cross contamination with gluten for coeliacs and people with other allergies and intolerances. People with food allergies and intolerances make a vote of confidence with the waiters and, especially, the chefs of the restaurants we go to. On rare occasions, this confidence leads us to find ourselves feeling very bad. Some will think that it does not make sense to trust them, others think it is necessary to not stay confined at home, although sometimes it takes us running to the bathroom, if it does not bring worse consequences.

Is it our fault? I do not think so! Is it the fault of the waiters or cooks? Most of times it is not! They surely have advised us with good intentions! With the effort of all – including associations – we will end up getting the only thing we have to worry about is choosing where to eat.

As you will see on this page, not all our trips, getaways or restaurant meals go well… Here you will find the different situations in which we have found ourselves as a result of having eaten in places that did not take enough care of special diets. Of course… we hope that the content of this page is scarce!