Idioma / Language: Spanish


Flying gluten-free can be very easy or very difficult. It all depends on the airline you choose to travel with. We try to go with what we call “gluten-free airlines“, which are those that offer GFML menus for eating gluten-free on the plane.

Even so, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you choose a gluten-free airline, as we have had occasions when the GFML menu that we had ordered through the website had not been loaded, or that they had not taken into account all the allergens that we had indicated. This makes gluten-free flying complicated even if you have selected an airline that offers gluten-free options.

For this reason, we always take some food with us to eat gluten-free on the plane and avoid starving our gluten-free journey. Also, please note that not all airlines offer gluten-free options on all flights. There are many that only offer them on international flights or with a duration of more than 4 hours. It is important to know in advance so you can be prepared. Especially if you arrive late at your gluten-free destination, because if you don’t travel on a gluten-free airline you may not have dinner.