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Amsterdam: we wanted dessert! Looking for gluten-free bakeries near the canals

We wanted to eat dessert! So, after finishing at our gluten-free at Pancakes Amsterdam, we paid the bill and went to find the gluten-free coffee shops/bakeries that our celiac friend had recommended to us. We had to walk a bit until we got to the first one on the list. In fact, it was not exactly a bakery. It was a coffee shop that had gluten-free cakes.

Coffee Room is a very small cafe that is on Kinkerstraat 110 corner with Bilderdijkkade. Upon entering, we asked for gluten-free cakes. In theory, those inside the showcase were gluten free, but the girls were doubted that much before answering that they created distrust. In this place, you can find the following options, all supposedly gluten-free: cheesecake, cookies, chocolate cake and panacota.

As we were not entirely convinced, we went for the next one. This is called Blushing and is at number 30 Paulus Potterstraat street. Before sitting down, we asked about the cakes and they said they had gluten-free chocolate brownie and gluten-free carrot cake. The next question was whether they were using oats flour or not, since Isa is allergic. The waiters spoke excellent English and they confirmed that there was no oatmeal. They also warned us that the brownie had lactose. “No problem” I thought… I have the lactase pill!

It was around 3:30 p.m. and we had met for dinner with Maartje at 6:15 p.m. at 6:15 p.m.? In Spain, this is the time for the mid-afternoon snack… but hey, we have to adapt to the schedules of the other countries we visit, or at least try! We had not eaten dessert yet, so… as we could not waste time making decisions, Isa ordered the gluten-free carrot cake and I ordered the gluten-free chocolate brownie. Isabel at all the cream… even if I take the lactase pill, I should not abuse either! Also, she loves cream so… we all win!

When they brought us the cakes, along with the teas we had ordered, we looked at each other thinking… we will not be hungry at 6pm for dinner! The portions were quite large and both cakes were delicious.

While we were eating it started to rain a lot. Also, it was one of those rains where wearing umbrella or not makes a little difference… you’ll wet yourself to the knees, yes or yes.

Before leaving, the waitress told us that they also had gluten-free bread. We did not have enough days to try all the restaurants, so we saved it for the next time we go to Amsterdam.

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We spent part of the afternoon in that cafeteria, waiting for the rain to stop and also till the time to meet Maartje. The weather was not good to stay around, so Blushing Coffee Shop was the perfect place to be.

With a nice background music, we took advantage of our time there to locate the rest of the gluten-free restaurants that we wanted to try.

We had almost 40 minutes walking to the station, where we had met with Maartje. We left the cafeteria an hour earlier to be able to go walking slowly. We love the cities after it has rained.

Theoretically, we had said that we would go to the Spaghetteria, since Maartje had not tried it either. When we got to the station, we were pretty tired. We had already walked more than 15 km and the nearer Spaghetteria restaurant was 40 minutes walking from the station. We decided to look for a closer option and, after doing a couple of consultations on the internet, Maartje found another restaurant that she also wanted to try.

So we went to Cafe Piazza on Kloveniersburgwal 5. We would never have thought that we would eat so well there. Upon entering, Maartje took control of the situation. It’s great to go around with someone local. In addition, being also celiac, we felt totally safe.

After all, the waitress came with three green menus while explaining that the menu of that color was exclusively gluten free. Awesome!

The gluten free menu was very complete. They also had different gluten free beers. It took a while to order, since we were distracted talking with Maartje about what happened in our lives since last time we had seen each other, a year ago. We were happy to be there with her.

Although our meal at the Pancakes Amsterdam and the dessert at Blushing was not long before, after reading that gluten free menu, we felt hungry again…

Finally, we decided to order a main course each one. Maartje ordered gluten free lasagna and a gluten-free beer Damm Daura. She was excited because it was the first time she ate gluten free lasagna in a restaurant. When they brought her dish we hallucinated. It was huge! It looked very good but I think Isa and I would have not been able to eat it all even if we would have ordered with empty stomachs.

With the excuse that we had eaten a lot – which lasted rather little – Isabel ordered the lighter dish she found: chicken funghi with quinoa. Her plate also looked very good. And the sacue… omh! it was delicious.

I ordered spaghetti bolognese. Although I was not overly hungry, I wanted to eat pasta. I do not cook much pasta at home, so when I go to restaurants I take the opportunity to eat it. My plate was also quite large and, the truth is, it took me a while to finish everything. I think my stomach was still working on digesting the gluten-free brownie that we had eaten an hour and a half ago…

The fatal question came again… “Do you want dessert?” Said the waitress who, having heard us speak in Spanish with Isabel, took the opportunity to practice a bit.

Maartje did want dessert. Although Isabel surely was satisfied, she always asks for the menu “to see what is there”. I definitely did not want dessert. As you can imagine, I lost… and they ordered a gluten-free tiramisu and three spoons.

When they brought it, we hallucinated again! The tiramisu was as big as the gluten-free lasagna that Maartje had eaten. I admit that I helped them a little – a couple of spoons – but they really did not need my help at all. Between words and laughter they finished the tiramisu cube without realizing it.

After dinner, we walked a bit through the Red Light District until we reached the station where we took opposite trains to return each one to his house.

It was a great day! And very complete!

You can see the pictures of the trip here.

Other gluten free restaurants in Amsterdam are:

  1. Bagels & Beans:
    • Waterlooplein 2.
    • Raadhuisstrat 18.
    • Keizersgracht 504.
    • Roetersstraat 2a.
    • De Clercqstraat 22.
    • IJdok 29.
    • Haarlemmerdijk 122.
    • Ferdinand Bolstraat 70.
    • Van Baerlestraat 40.
    • Ruyschstraat 52.
    • Van Haalstraat 613.
    • Overtoom 306.
    • Veemkade 368.
    • Willem de Zwijgerlaan 161.
    • Spaarndammerstraat 149a.
    • Hay más pero están muy lejos del centro.
  1. Pancakes Amsterdam:
    • Prins Hendrik kade 48.
    • Berenstraat 38.
    • Prinsengracht 277.
  1. Piqniq at Lindengracht 59.
  2. Farm Meerzicht at Koenenkade 56.
  3. Spaghetteria:
    • Jaan Hanzenstraat 32.
    • Van Woustraat 123.
    • Pertoriusstraat 72A.
  1. Hard Rock Café at Max Euweplein 57.
  2. Haesje Claes at Spuistraat 273.
  3. Le Pain Quotidien at Spuistraat 266.
  4. La Cubanita at Binnen Bantammerstraat 9.
  5. McDonalds.

Other gluten free bakeries in Amsterdam are:

  • Luza’s Caffeine Club.
  • Cotton Cake.
  • Bakerir Metzonder.



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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