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---------------- Gluten-Free Bakeries ----------------

Who doesn’t like a good gluten-free cake? Or gluten-free biscuits? Or gluten-free heard-shaped puff-pastry? Or a good freshly baked gluten-free bread? Or gluten-free chocolate truffles? We love anything that is sweet and has cream or chocolate!

Whenever we travel, we try to find gluten-free bakeries for breakfast or afternoon snack. If we don’t find them, we’ll settle for a gluten-free cafeteria, which is also great!

Below you will find articles about gluten-free bakeries and gluten-free coffee shops that we have discovered while travelling gluten-free around the world.

Before you read! Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my travels, anecdotes and experiences traveling gluten-free around the world. It is possible that on one of my trips I may eat at an uncertified restaurant or there is a risk of being contaminated with gluten. Thank you very much!