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Cereal House: colorful combinations for a different gluten-free breakfast

As has happened with all the gluten-free restaurants I know in Alcalá de Henares, I discovered Cereal House thanks to Isabel.

She discovered this place going out one day with her friends. She sent me the photos of the gluten-free cereals she had eaten. Since then, I wanted to go and try it myself. In fact, I’m sure we’ll be back when I go to see Alcalá de Henares! She has already done it with her friends.

Finding this type of gluten free places is great, since it makes it easy – for everyone, celiac and non-celiac – to go out for a different breakfast, lunch, have a snack, dinner or have a drink out of home. Cereal House is on Postigo Street 1, and that’s where we would have breakfast that day. They are a franchise, so it is likely that there is one closer to where you live. We have called those of the below list and in all of them you will find gluten-free cereals:

  • Calle de los Cantos 24 in Alcorcón.
  • Calle Canarias 7 de Móstoles.
  • Prince of Vergara 280 of Madrid.
  • Avenue of France 86 of Valencia.
  • Jesus Street of Monastery 17 of Santander.
  • Calle Condes de Crespo Rascón de Salamanca.
  • Calle Troneta 14 in Elche.
  • Quicos Street 3 of Las Rozas.
  • Plaza Vila de Gracia 20 of Barcelona.
  • Cuba 2 Street of Fuenlabrada.
  • Plaza Eboli Shopping Center in Pinto.
  • Walk of Cerrado de Calderón 14 of Malaga.

Upon entering, the waiter greeted us with a smile while asking if it was the first time we were there. Technically not, because Isa had already been there several times. For me it was the first time, so he explained everything.

Although you will find it in the menu and the waiter will explain it for sure, I summarize it:

There are two types of cereals – national and international – that you can choose in three available measures – small (S), medium (M) and large (L) – and you can put a “topping” – marshmallows, white conguitos and M & M. There is also the option to put a scoop of ice cream, but they told us that it was not certified. This does not mean it contains gluten, but they warn you. We did not order it just in case.

You will see that at the end of the first shelf, there is a small sign that indicates where gluten-free cereals start. There are fifteen options. Yes, yes… fifteen! Citrus, chocolate, filled with chocolate, milk, Nesquick, with fruit, vanilla and some oatmeal (“Cheerios” and “Os”). Wow! There were some references that made me smile, since I did not even know they existed gluten free… I had only seen them with gluten… My eyes lit up when I saw so much variety!

Click on the image to access the form

Then he explained the types of milk among which we could choose. They have 20 types of milk, including one without lactose. And all of them are produced by Central Lechera Asturiana. In addition, they have “show-off” milk – that’s what the waiter called it -, which is colored. You can choose between yellow, blue, green, pink or purple milk.

Now we arrived to the hardest part… to choose! We took some time to review all the options we had and started in the order in which they had told us. We both ordered a medium bowl. Isa recommended that I take the big one, but at that time I was not too hungry and I did not pay attention to it. Big mistake! I should have done it, since the medium one was too small… I like that there are more cereals than milk. Also, with the big one, I could have chosen two types of gluten free cereals… I know for the next time!

The waiter took out the bowls “for coeliacs”. They do not have anything special, they simply keep them aside from the bowls they use for cereals with gluten to avoid cross-contamination.

Isa asked for the “Chocolate Chex” and, before the waiter served them, she asked if they had oatmeal. She is allergic and has to be really careful with this.

After consulting the list of allergens – positive point for Cereal House – he confirmed that Isa could take those cereals. My turn! I chose the “Cocoa Pebbles”.

Next step! Choose milk. It was easy for me: lactose free milk. Isa had it more complicated, since she had to choose between several types. Although in fact there were not so many… She just had to choose between 5 colors… she is always showing off… (kidding, she already knows that I love her! As much as I like to annoy her!). She finally chose the blue milk.

There was only one decision left! The “topping”. Isa chose the marshmallows. I the little white chocolate conguitos. It was expected… I love chocolate! Something that I liked a lot is that the milk is set apart. I suppose they do it so that you can dose it yourself as you want and, second, so that the cereals do not soften. They usually serve it cold. We did not ask for it, but surely they can warm it for those who prefer it that way.

Now we only had to do the best thing left… eat it! We sat down at a table and, after doing the usual photos, we started eating. This time we did not share the meal. We only tried each one’s bowl, since their choice was too colorful for my taste. I repeat, for my taste. It was good, but I prefer the color of chocolate on the milk.

What I loved about the options we had chosen is the touch that the “topping” gave to it. In the case of Isa, the wet marshmallows with milk accentuated a very interesting contrast: crunchy cereals, cold milk and sweet marshmallows, a little slimy.

In my case, the little white chocolate conguitos had sunk and I never knew how many I would find in the next spoonful. The contrast was also great: crunchy cereals – which also had colored the milk, cold milk and the hardness and sweetness of the conguitos.

Everything delicious!



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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