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--------------- Gluten-Free Ice-Cream Parlours ---------------

Sometimes it is only possible to travel gluten-free in the summer thanks to working holidays. Although it is possible to go on short breaks throughout the year, a gluten-free ice-cream may not be as appealing in winter. It is also more difficult to find.

But in summer, whether you go on holiday or not, a gluten-free ice cream is always appealing. When we travel gluten-free in summer, we try to find gluten-free ice-cream parlours so that we can cool off and enjoy the city walks we are discovering better.

It is important that you make sure that you go to a real gluten-free ice-cream parlour, as in this type of place it is very easy for there to get cross-contamination. There are several reasons for cross-contamination in ice cream parlours: contamination between ice creams when serving a multi-flavoured ice cream with the same shovel; pieces of waffle; or pieces of ice cream cone, among others.

Before you read! Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my travels, anecdotes and experiences traveling gluten-free around the world. It is possible that on one of my trips I may eat at an uncertified restaurant or there is a risk of being contaminated with gluten. Thank you very much!