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------------- Establecimientos Sin Gluten ------------

Here you will find all the articles about our experience travelling gluten-free around the world divided into categories. In the first section you will find articles related to gluten-free restaurants that we have discovered while travelling gluten-free around the world. The second section is made up of the gluten-free bakeries of the gluten-free destinations we have visited. We always try to have breakfast or a snack at one of them, as the specialized ones usually serve delicious gluten-free cakes.  And the third section could not be other than the gluten-free ice-cream parlours that have helped to refresh us on our summer trips.

Before you read! Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences traveling gluten-free around the world. It is possible that on one of my trips I may eat at an uncertified restaurant or there is a risk of being contaminated with gluten. Thank you very much!