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Idioma / Language: Spanish

Buy Diazepam Pills, Where Can I Buy Real Valium

Finding gluten-free restaurants in some countries is very easy and, in some other countries, is very complicated. In fact, in some, there are none! But we have to eat anyway, don’t we? And gluten-free, of course! Here you’ll find all the articles about our experience travelling gluten-free around the world. Since we started in 2015, we have travelled to more than 20 countries where we have discovered many gluten-free places. Some of the gluten-free restaurants we have eaten in have enchanted us. Others not so much… others we didn’t like at all! We’ve enjoyed all the gluten-free bakeries we’ve found – it’s always great to be able to have a good gluten-free cake for breakfast or snack! And if it was summer, we’ve always looked for the best gluten-free ice-cream parlours in the area for refreshments. Sometimes with a gluten-free cone and sometimes we had to settle for just the ice cream.

In addition, here you will also find the explanation of our experience with gluten-free airlines. We explain those that allowed us to eat gluten-free on the plane, those that made a mistake when giving us the GFML menu or those that simply didn’t have gluten-free options.

Before reading! Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my travels, anecdotes and experiences travelling gluten-free around the world. It is possible that on one of my trips, I may eat at an uncertified restaurant or there is a risk of being contaminated with gluten. Thank you very much!