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Avignon: crepes, galettes, waffles and other “gluten-free” restaurants

The next day, in the morning, we went to tourist information to ask for a list of gluten-free restaurants in Avignon. We wanted to see if, as it had happened in Bruges, they would give us a list of places we had not found. After getting the list, we located all restaurants (no new options) in a map. We had found several that, in addition, were very close to each other.

The first one we found was not a restaurant. It was a gluten-free ice cream shop, which also offered gluten-free crepes, galettes and waffles. It’s called La Princiere and it’s on 23rd of the Place des Corps.

In the same square, there was the bakery Maison Violetta. In the information we had found on the internet, it said that they had gluten-free bread, pastries and pasta.

We just forgot about this place because in the articles we had read they warned of the possibility of traces due to cross contamination. They do not have separate workplaces. When we saw it from outside we understood it. It was full of breads of all kinds, especially those with dusty flour in the crust. It gave us the feeling that just by entering there we would be contaminated…

Afterwards, we located the Côté Goût at number 5 of Rue Galante. This is a restaurant similar to Vivotto, but they make dishes with and without gluten. The answers from the saleswoman did not leave us very convinced… She reminded us of Oh Terroir de Orleans.

From there, we arrived at Miam Miam at 14 Rue de Vieux Sextier, but it was like a kebab-snack bar with hamburgers and sandwiches. Too much risk of contamination too!

It was time to eat and we analyzed the options. The Vivotto was not far… We decided to go back there to try more dishes. This time we changed the formula: we would order an entree, two main courses, two desserts and one drink each.

Isabel chose the calabria risotto and a chia “yogurt”, coconut milk, passion fruit and mango.

I ordered the Genoese macaroni and another gluten free tiramisu. I wanted to eat that creamy mascarpone again. Delicious! Oh, and one tofe each.

When leaving, we went to La Princière to ask about gluten-free dishes and ice cream. They explained that all ice creams are gluten free except options with cookies and Tiramisu (2 only). Although they do not have gluten-free cones, they do have gluten-free crepes and waffles.

We asked about the cross contamination and they explained that there is not, since all the flour is buckwheat. The only thing with gluten in that establishment are the cones and bread, which they cut apart to avoid cross contamination.

They convinced us, so we reserved a table for dinner.

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We only had one restaurant to locate. While we continue walking, we find Italie Là-Bas at 23 de la Rue Bancasse. This is a restaurant that appears in the Michelin Guide and became famous for it. During the week, they only open at night, so we could not go. Anyway, we preferred the gluten-free crepes, galettes and waffles.

Again, after a while walking, we returned home to shelter from the high temperatures until dinner time.

We arrived punctually at our appointment with gluten-free galettes in Avignon. We had a small table for two inside the restaurant. It is very small and, although they have a terrace, we decided to eat inside because it was very windy.

While reviewing the gluten-free menu – which clearly states that they guarantee that the dishes are 100% gluten free – the waiter brought us some sorbets. It was a test. He told us we had to guess what they were made of.

I said it was thyme. Isabel opted for rosemary. She won!

We both ordered the same galette. One with emental cheese, ham and a fried egg. Wow! What a difference with the Pancakes Amsterdam. The ingredients were abundant and the galette was really delicious. We enjoyed eating it a lot, just like when we go to Crepes Barcelona.

As it happened with the gluten free pizza we ate in Carcassonne, they served us the galette with salad. Neither of us wanted the salad. We wanted dessert!

We asked for the menu again to order our desserts. Isabel ordered a gluten-free chocolate crepe. Nutella to be more exact. She loves Nutella!

As the waffles were also gluten free and I had never eaten, I ordered this. A gluten-free waffle with Nutella also. Everything was delicious!

Avignon had surprised us! I think this city is one of the exceptions in France that confirm that even in this country you can enjoy eating gluten-free.

The next day we were returning to Barcelona and, after a small incident on the road, we arrived in time to eat at the McDonalds and make the final shot at the Russian roulette of Leonidas chocolates that we had bought in Ghent.

You can see the pictures of the trip here.

These are the other gluten-free restaurants in Avignon:

  • The Princière at 23 of the Place des Corps.
  • Italie Là-Bas at 23 Rue Bancasse.



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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