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Avignon: a gluten free paradise in France? Vivotto… 100% gluten free restaurant!

We were arriving at the last destination of our trip! Already having a lot of new gluten-free adventures and anecdotes to share, now it was time to find all gluten free restaurants in Avignon. We would be there for a couple of days and we had found several gluten-free restaurants that we wanted to try.

We had mixed feelings… on the one hand, we were excited to go and try all these options; and on the other hand, a little skeptical because of the experience we had in Orleans, Chenonceau, Troyes and Paris.

The city welcomed us with the summer that we had been missing since we had left Barcelona… in the previous destinations we had had very bad weather… too much for a summer trip! We had gone from maximum temperatures of 17º to temperatures of 34º. That  was real summer!

We had rented a very nice apartment inside the old town. Parking our car,“Jolly IV” – this is the real name of the Gluten Free Cruiser -, in that area was quite complicated. In fact we had some problems finding a parking lot over 2m high… finally we parked in the Parking Oratoire Center Ville, which has the entrance just in front of the wall, next to the river. The pedestrian exit is already inside the old town.

We left all our belongings in the flat and went straight to the first restaurant we wanted to try.

The restaurant is called Vivotto and is at 34 Rue Des Trois Faucons. As you can see, this is not a conventional restaurant. It is a concept similar to that of the “Nostrum” chain in Spain. There are basically three formulas: the first is to take individual dishes and drinks separately; the second is a menu that includes starter or dessert, a main dish and drink; and the third includes starter, main course, dessert and drink.

We decided to start with a mix of formulas. We would both choose the small formula. Isabel would choose: a starter, a main dish and one drink. And I would choose a main course, a dessert and one drink. After analyzing all the options – and after discarding the salads – we started to configure our order.

Before reaching the refrigerator, we took the tray, the cutlery and glasses and then Isabel began to choose her formula.

She loaded her tray with a truffled polenta, a gluten-free lasagna and a bottle of water. Then it was my turn. I chose a risotto di parma and a gluten-free tiramisu. It could not be in another way. If there is gluten free tiramisu, we chose gluten free tiramisu.

Then we went to the box and while we paid, we removed the polenta, the risotto and the gluten-free lasagna to warm it. While we waited, we saw that they had some gluten-free muffins. I picked one. Isabel saw that they had chocolate and caramel toffee.

OMG! Everything was so good! In addition, the containers were very “modern”! That kind that are very uncomfortable to eat, but they are so cute for a table picture. Isa loves them! I do not dislike them, but I’m a bit more pragmatic. We complement each other very well! Everything was delicious. The polenta brought back memories of when I lived in Bolzano (Italy). There is where I ate it for the first time. The risotto and lasagna were great too. But hey, these dishes seem to be small but they are not! There was a lot of food!

Click on the image to access the form

Before we started with the gluten-free tiramisu, we had to take a break for our stomach to make some space for it… We loved the tiramisu until we got to the sponge cake. The mascarpone was very creamy, as we like it, but when we arrived at the cake, we expected it differently. It tasted good, but it was not well mixed with the rest of the dessert. It was as if they were two completely separate layers.

Something that we also liked a lot about this restaurant is that it is open until 10pm. Cool! We could eat at a normal time for us. And the value for money was very good too!

When we left the restaurant, we rolled back to the apartment to do the digestion and wait for the temperature to drop a little. Now it was too hot… we are never happy! Now that we had warm weather, we didn’t like it either… just kidding!

About seven o’clock in the afternoon, we went out for a walk again.

We were surprised! The streets were full of people playing music and dancing. If you liked heavy metal, you had a stage for heavy metal in one of the streets. Do you like rock? Another street of rock. And another of samba. And another of folk. And another of electronics. And a long etc. There was music for all tastes.

By casualty, we found ourselves in front of the Vivotto again. We had eaten so much for lunch that we were not hungry at all. But we had to eat something.

At lunch time, we had seen a couple of desserts that we also wanted to try. Besides, Isabel still had the caramel tofes in her head… Easy decision then! We would eat that for dinner!

Isabel ordered a yogurt with raspberry jam. I reaffirmed my love for chocolate and asked for the chocolate mouse. And a caramel tofe for everyone!

We were lucky to find a free table on the terrace. We sat there and enjoyed the music played in front of the restaurant. We were there for a while, watching people go by, dancing, children doing children things and having a great time. Even we danced a little sitting on the chair.

After a while, we went for a walk before going to sleep. Letting ourselves be carried away by the wave of musical styles, we walked around the old town of Avignon. When we got home, exhausted, we surrendered to bed.

The next day we had a lot to discover.

You can see the pictures of the trip here.

These are the other gluten-free restaurants in Avignon:

  • The Princière at 23 of the Place des Corps.
  • Italie Là-Bas at 23 Rue Bancasse.



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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