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Flax Kale: a 100% gluten-free restaurant hidden in one of the passages of Ciutat Vella, Barcelona

That Friday I met with Carolina to eat in Barcelona. I met Carolina in a talk about Marketing and Communication. She was sitting next to me. While we were waiting for the event to begin, we started talking. About work, of course. And, I do not remember how, we ended up talking about allergies and food intolerances. Bingo! She was also celiac! Although by statistics, these coincidences should be unusual, more and more someone has an acquaintance who suffers from gluten.

She was considering starting her own business and I… well, I still had not imagined that years later I would have a page like Gluten Free Adventures.

From time to time we talked through Linked-in and finally we found a day to meet for a snack. She was already starting her project (No limeat – the name is amazing) and I was dying to know how she was doing. The first time we met, we went to eat a gluten-free crepe in Via Laietana, in Barcelona.

We both have a very tight schedule and… wow! time flies!, then months pass until we see each other again. That day, we had managed to meet for lunch. We would have more time to talk.

That day it was her turn to choose the restaurant, and she took me to one that I really loved. It is called Flax Kale Passage and is on 31-22 of Sant Pere Més Alt Street, in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. The space is very cool! It is long and connects with Trafalgar Street, through the Passatge de les Manufactures. It is a mixture of classic and modern style that fits perfectly. In addition, you can eat at a table or at the bar in front of the kitchen, which has an open part. Very nice!

As soon as I entered, on Sant Pere Més Alt Street side, I fell in love with this place. The first thing I thought about seeing this showcase full of cakes was that I had to go back there with Isa. Even if it was to have a snack with a coffee and a cupcake. In fact, I already knew which one I would have for dessert!

I stayed there for a while, like a child in front of a candy store, looking at all the cakes and thinking if they would all be gluten free. They were! Cool! I was already delighted and I still had not seen the menu.

Honestly, I did not need to see it after all that Carolina had explained to me about that place. She was delighted too, so I would let her advise me.

Click on the image to access the form

When they brought the menu, we saw that it indicated that all the dishes were gluten free. And on the page of the pizzas also said the same: all our pizzas are gluten-free and are prepared in a Neapolitan wood oven 100% handmade, following the know-how of pizzaioli masters. It sounded great! In addition, we had been seated in front of the oven and could see how they prepared the pizzas. We did not have to worry about cross contamination.

Then we started looking at the menu and, Carolina, directly called the waitress to explain our allergies and intolerances.

She began explaining to the waitress that, apart from being lactose intolerant, she is also histamine intolerant. In addition, she is sensitive to gluten. Although she has adapted very well to this special diet, it is true that this complicates even more the fact of eating out. We were talking a good while with the waitress, who went back and forth to ask the kitchen. We were delighted with the good service she offered us!

In addition, the restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that incorporates Gluten Free Healthy Pizzas, Healthy Asian Fusion Cuisine and Kombucha Lab. There were dishes that I did not know what they were and I also asked many questions to understand the menu.

Carolina chose the truffle & funghi pizza. It is a bianca pizza, that is, without tomato, with truffle, boletus, coconut cream and field herbs. Personally, I do not like coconut, but she let me try it and I was amazed. It was very good and I hardly noticed the coconut. The strong flavor of the truffle with mushrooms and arugula was perfect. Something that I also liked a lot about the pizzas they serve, is the dough and the shape of the edge.

It is a roasted edge on the outside and fluffy on the inside that works very well when taking the portions.

I chose the plant-based quattro. This pizza is presented with a base of San Marzano tomato, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella and Teresian parmigiano. It’s plant based, so I understood that it does not have lactose, as it does not contain milk. I guess the names of the cheeses are to indicate the contrast of flavors. Right now I do not remember… but this is just a detail. What really counts is that the pizza was delicious! Something that I also liked is that they bring it whole with a pizza cutter so you can cut it as you want.

Then came the moment of dessert! I was very full and I think Carolina was also full… but the desire to eat delicious things always help to make room in the stomach and that’s what happened to us.

I had fallen in love with one of the cakes at the entrance. Honestly I do not remember at all what it was made of, so I invite you to take a good look to the photograph above. I only remember that it had chocolate, and inside it was orange and it was very delicious…

I could not eat everything, but I took in a doggy bag to have a snack later!

Carolina ordered a passion fruit & plant-based choco moci. The presentation was perfect and the quantity even better. I did not try it because I’m allergic to melon, but just seeing how Carolina enjoyed eating it is enough to tell you that it must be great. It is a dessert made with raw cocoa, cantaloupe melon, young coconut soup and cilantro.

And until here our experience in the Flax Kale. When we go back there we will tell you more about other dishes and cupcakes that we try!

You can see the pictures of the trip here.




P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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Me llamo Santi y actualmente vivo en la provincia de Barcelona. En 2001, me diagnosticaron de enfermedad celíaca… ¡por fin! Además, soy intolerante a la lactosa, la alergia al pescado me mata, ¡literalmente!, y también algunas frutas... Viajar sin gluten se ha convertido en mi mayor hobby y creé Gluten Free Adventures por esta razón. Desde los 8 años, he viajado y vivido en distintos países… ¡aquí comparto mis experiencias viajando para descubrir restaurantes sin gluten, pastelerías sin gluten y heladerías sin gluten por todo el mundo! ¡Espero que os gusten nuestros viajes sin gluten!