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Cadaqués: gluten-free pizzas as good as Dalí’s surrealism

Ooohhh, that’s lovely! Spring is here and during Easter we had a wonderful weather: sun and warm temperatures. Perfect!

What I like most about these dates is that the swimming pool and beach season is officially inaugurated! And as it still is a transition period from winter to spring, it makes it very funny because the streets become a very varied catwalk: along with the visitors from north Europe, the most brave have already made the change of clothes and walk in the street proud of their sunburned skin; the more cold-natured and pale skinned (I am included in this last group) still wear their winter clothes. I love it!

I arrived to Cadaqués around 13.30 in the afternoon… much later than I would have liked but, hey, I was not in a hurry at all: I was on vacation! After checking in at Hostal Marina, right in the center of town, I went to park the car. In Cadaqués there are two options near the center: free or paying parking. I chose the first option, so I drove through the old river, which is just after the street of the hotel, and left the car there for two days. There I met a couple from California who, seeing the Gluten Free Adventures logo in my car, asked me about the webpage and talked about the gluten free diet and how I did it to travel. They were vegans. In my opinion, their diet limits them more than ours.

At that time, my only mission was to find the restaurant La Gritta, at number 7 on Plaça del Passeig. It is an Italian restaurant in which, apart from meat, fish and salads, you can eat gluten free pasta and gluten free pizza. As for the gluten free pasta, they have macaroni and spaghetti, and as for the gluten free pizzas you can do any in the menu, though they recommend that we choose pizzas with few ingredients, since the dough is very thin and, if we put too many ingredients on, it breaks inside the oven… we already know how difficult is gluten-free dough! Since I wanted take dinner there too, I decided to eat pizza and leave pasta for dinner. I was hungry, so I ordered a gluten-free Pizza Prosciutto.

I was surprised of how quickly they brought the gluten free pizza. It looked delicious! Very thin dough, toasted in the edges and well cooked in the center: how I like it! Although the pizza had a standard size, I ate it super fast… I do not know if it’s because I was very hungry or because the pizza was very good (I think it was both), but I ordered another one! This time the gluten free Pizza Salami. I ate the second pizza much slower but, although after that pizza I would have eaten a gluten free tiramisu, as they didn’t have it, I decided to pay the bill and go to the hotel to take a nap. After such a feast, and with the warm temperatures, I could not go for a walk…

Well rested and with the digestion almost done, at five in the afternoon I went out to discover the town. When I left the hotel, I crossed the river and went to the right, where I did one of the things I like most when I travel alone: sitting on a bench and watching (in this case, people, buildings, boats, Sea), enjoying the place.

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After a while, I continued along the promenade until I arrived to a square and headed up, through narrow streets, with stone floors and white houses with blue doors. Zigzagging through the interior of the village, I lost myself for almost an hour walking through random streets, entering and leaving to the sea until arriving at the top, where the church is and from where you can see a panoramic view of the village in front of the sea.

From there, I went down straight to the promenade again and walked to the other side of the village, direction to Portlligat. Although it is a coastal town, Cadaqués is located in the Cap de Creus, an abrupt and rocky area with some rather steep slopes that offers numerous coves to go to spend the day. After 10-15 minutes walking, I arrived to Portlligat and, seeing that I had to keep walking too far to reach the lighthouse, I decided to lie down to rest on one of the benches next to a small bay and, well with that breeze and the noise of the waves I entered a kind of trance until I fell asleep.

I lay there for almost an hour and, when I woke up, it was already blowing the typical wind of the sunset, so I put on my sweater and went back to Cadaqués to see it from the seashore, almost from the end of the promenade, enjoying a breathtaking view of the village. It is a shame that the picture does not show how beautiful it was. Though Isabel was not there with her super camera to capture it, I shared that view with her through Instagram.

When the sun went down, I went back to the center where, after doing a reverence to the statue of Salvador Dalí on the promenade, I went to the SPAR Supermarket to buy some water. I was thirsty! Since I was in the supermarket, I looked for the dietetics section and, although basic, they have a wide enough assortment of bread, pasta, cookies, cereals and pastries to stock up for a few days, especially if you rent an apartment there.

With the shopping done, I returned to the hotel to leave everything and went straight to La Gritta again, for dinner. This time I ordered spaghetti alla carbonara. Given that it was dinner time and that the dishes were quite large, with one I had enough. At dessert time, it was so full that I did not want anything else to eat but, as I was in an Italian restaurant, I ordered a limoncello to make the digestion better and went for a walk around the village at night, to settle the food before going to sleep.

The day after, while taking a final walk through the town, I had some chocolate chip cookies that I bought at the supermarket and, when I finished, I went to find the car to go to Lighthouse of Cap de Creus, at the most Eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, at the very north of the Gulf of Roses. I loved driving up there because the little road that to get there is very narrow and goes bordering the cape until you reach the tip, where there is a lighthouse and a restaurant. After watching the sea and walking from side to side of the cape, I went back to the car and went to l’Estartit to eat with my Parents.

And here ended this trip, seeing the Illes Medes, another of my favorite places on the Costa Brava

You can see the pictures of the trip here.

UPDATE (August 2018): When we returned in August of 2018, in Tourist Information Office they also recommended the Restaurant La Sirena, in Calle des Call s / n. We went to see it and they offer typical Mediterranean food. We talked with the cook and he gave us a very good impression, since he told us that they could adapt everything, doing it separately. You can also eat calamari a la romana and other dishes coated with cornstarch.




P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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