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MOAL and CANGAS DEL NARCEA: an unforgettable experience in a beautiful place to which celiacs can travel without any worries

There is nothing better to discover a place than to know people who live there and know it well! We met Lorena from Celicidad (no follow) the first time we collaborated with Celíacos en Directo. Since then we have coincided in other events for celiacs. She is a person worth talking to. Seeing the great work she is doing in Cangas del Narcea we did not hesitate to ask her for recommendations on where to sleep and in which gluten-free restaurants in Cangas del Narcea to eat. She recommended us to sleep at Casa Xuaquin in Moal! It was probably the best recommendation of that trip.

We left Logroño quite late and it was time to continue with our holidays (remember that this is last year’s vacation, 2019). The GPS indicated that we would arrive in Cangas around 4 pm. Too late to eat! We needed to find a restaurant! Isa searched in the gluten-free apps that we normally consult and after trying in several towns, she found the restaurant Asador Marga, in Villalbino. We were starting out very well! We ordered an assortment of sausages, some lamb chops and an Iberian pork. The portions are quite big and they serve them very well. I love it when they bring you the hot dish with the meat!

Continuing towards Cangas, we passed by some beautiful roads. They reminded us of our trip through Switzerland, near Zermatt. Northern Spain is really beautiful! We arrived at Casa Xuaquin later than we expected… Isabel, the landlady, was waiting for us with a smile. She showed us the room and explained to us how the rules of the house.

Once settled, we awarded ourselves a walk to stretch our legs: countryside, forest and mountains! We were surrounded by nature and tranquility. Besides, even though it was summer, it wasn’t hot at all. Nor was it cold.

When the time came, we went to the Sidrería Narcea on Calle Dos Amigos at Cangas del Narcea. This is one of the gluten-free restaurants in Cangas del Narcea on the list Lorena from “Celicidad” had sent us. This restaurant was already described by Isa in the post she published 3 years ago, when she went to Cangas for the first time.  You can see more details in her post.

Just to tell you that initially they put us on a table that already had the bread with gluten served. When we told them that we were celiacs, they immediately changed us to a clean table, without any risks. Impressive! If you ask for a “cachopo” (typical dish in Asturias), you will understand why the waiter called the knife “chainsaw” haha!

After dinner we went for a walk in the old town. Apart from the fact that it is very beautiful, there was a very festive atmosphere. Hopefully we will get back to normality soon and we can all enjoy this atmosphere again.

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The next day, Isabel (the landlady) was waiting for us with breakfast ready. She was also preparing gluten-free “frixuelos” for us. She let us see how she prepared them and we were amazed. And when we tried them, with honey, our eyes almost popped out of their sockets! They were delicious.

In order to finish that perfect day start, the landlady of Casa Xuaquín had taken the liberty to call Muniellos to see if there was any free slot for us. We were really lucky! Two people had cancelled and she had asked them to save the tickets for us! What a detail!

After having breakfast with the “frixuelos”, the sponge cake with nasi jam (a mixture of pear and apple) and some toasted gluten-free bread with tomato, we were ready to go to the Integral Natural Reserve of Muniellos. It is a forest that has the entrance restricted to 20 people per day. You have to go with reservation and… we… didn’t have it! We had planned the trip too late and when we tried to book there were no tickets left.

When we arrived, they explained the rules to us and recommended that we follow a specific route, since the other one had become complicated due to the weather and we were not well equipped.

We were so excited to have been able to visit this part of Asturias that we forgot the food in the car… even so, we kept going. Even though we knew we wouldn’t get to the end of the route, we really enjoyed the forest, its waterfalls, trails, fallen trees and incredible spaces.

When we got back to the car, around 4 pm, we were really hungry. We gave a good account of the “just in case shopping” we had in the fridge. I think I have never been so happy eating a slice of ham and cheese!

We went back to Moal to shower and rest a bit… besides, I had to finish some things from work. Around 8 pm, we headed back to Cangas del Narcea. It was time to try another of the gluten-free restaurants that had been recommended to us. This time we chose the “Bar La Ruta”, on Calle Mayor 16.

We ordered some gluten-free croquettes and some pork medallions al cabrales (a kind of cheese). Although we have been able to eat them in some restaurants for years, I admit that being able to eat gluten-free croquettes out of home is still something special, and as such we enjoyed it!

The next day was the end of our stop in this small gluten-free paradise we have in Spain. Isabel, the landlady, was waiting for us again with breakfast ready. This time we had some toasted gluten-free bread with butter and jam and an apple pie that she had especially prepared for us – all delicious! Besides, she wrapped the leftovers for us so that we would have something to eat on the way.

Our next stop was Ribadeo and a beach that we really wanted to see: Playa de las Catedrales. 

You can see the pictures of the trip here.



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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