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Fuenterrabia: the last stop on our gluten-free journey on the banks of the Bidasoa river

We woke up in Tolosa in terrible weather… luckyly we were already leaving! We had breakfast again at Bide Bide Restaurant and returned to pick up the room. While Isa was finishing her suitcase, I went to get the car to leave it on the street behind the hotel so we could load it up quickly. This saved us from walking with our bags in the rain. Our next and last goal was to discover the gluten-free restaurants in Fuenterrabía!

Fuenterrabía is (and will always be) a city that I have a special affection for. My grandparents had gone there many times and, as expected, they have always told us wonders. In fact, we went to the same hotel they used to go to on their summer trips.

When we arrived in Hondarribia, the weather had improved a little. It was still cloudy but at least it wasn’t raining, the positive side was the temperature! Perfect for a walk around the city. We went straight to the harbor. It was a bit late and we were hungry!

The first restaurant we would try was Il Capo Restaurant, on the Minatera Ibilbidea 1W. This restaurant is in the elevated part of the port, near other restaurants. It is quite big and we had the option of terrace or inside. We were lucky that there was a free table on the terrace and we decided to sit there.

Eating gluten-free there was quite easy, as they have a very detailed menu and everyone knows the subject very well.

To start whetting our appetites we ordered some kibble. Isa had decided as soon as she read it: escalope a la milanesa. I would opt for the tortellini stuffed with meat. We both made a good choice. In fact, I was so hungry that after finishing the tortellini, I asked for escalope a la milanesa for myself. I couldn’t eat all the potatoes but I did very well with that breaded meat!

For dessert, both Isa and I had the gluten-free chocolate cream cone. Of course, before that I took the lactase pill to avoid having digestion problems later…

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We spent the afternoon walking through the streets of Hondarribia, admiring the flowers on the promenade and enjoying the fresh air. One of the best ways to discover a city is wandering, aimlessly, through all its streets. We went up to the Plaza del Obispo, pass through the Puerta de Santa María and once in the Church, we went to the Plaza de Armas to sit down for a while and contemplate the surroundings. I love walks like this! They make you feel like you are really on vacation!

In the middle of the afternoon, we returned to the hotel to rest a little until dinner time. We had looked at some restaurants but we liked Il Capo very much and we decided to go back so we could say that we had eaten gluten-free pizzas in Fuenterrabía. The other restaurants had a different kind of menu.

We like to walk around the cities! So we went for the walk till the port. Halfway through, we stopped to watch the sunset. It was so beautiful!   

When we arrived at the restaurant, this time we sat inside. Just like at noon, it was packed with people – that’s a good sign! For the gluten-free pizzas, there were several options. In fact it was a base like the ones of Schär’s Bella Italia, on which you could put the ingredients you wanted.

While we were thinking about it, we asked for a summer red wine to freshen up a bit!

Isa ordered one of her favorites: the Peperoni, based on spicy salami and mozzarella! I asked for one that I also like quite a lot: the Neptune, with tuna (the canned one doesn’t give me allergy reaction), mozzarella and olives in all the colors that were available. It was a perfect size pizza!

While we were having dinner, we took the opportunity to think about the next trip we were going to make… Asturias and Galicia!

After dinner we returned, again, walking slowly along the promenade until we reached the hotel.

The next day, we woke up at a reasonable hour to go for breakfast at Gaxen Cafeteria on Zuloaga 8. We were amazed at the number of gluten-free options they had. I ordered a piece of toast with ham and orange juice. The bread was delicious! I liked it so much that I repeated it!

Isa continued in her line of sweet breakfasts. She ordered some gluten-free pancakes with chocolate and cream. What a breakfast! And one of those huge cups of coffee with milk that she always drinks.

The journey had come to an end! After visiting Torrejón el Rubio, Salamanca, León, Potes and Fuente De, Tolosa and Fuenterrabía we had to return to Sabadell to continue with our usual routines…



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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