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Da Nicola: the best gluten free italian restaurant in Madrid

It was almost two months without going to Madrid … ¡you cannot even imagine how I missed eating breakfast at La Celiacoteca and eating at Más Que Bocados Sin Gluten at Alcalá de Henares!

But that weekend was different: after dinner in the Hollywood Foster of Torrejón de Ardoz we went out for a drink in one of the bars of Alcalá and the day after the theater to see a musical. We were really looking forward to it!
And well, since this time we were going to Madrid, we took the opportunity to go for a walk there and to eat at Da Nicola next to the Plaza de Mostenses, at the Gran Via, on the other side of the Lope de Vega Theater.

Picture from “Mirador Madrid”

We arrived in Madrid almost at lunch time, so we went straight to the restaurant. It was perfect because we were able to park in the parking that is right in front (if you come by car from Gran Vía, the entrance is just right when you turn to the square).

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Once seated and with the menu on our hands, we saw that the 14 allergens were indicated next to each plate. When the waitress came to take note of our drinks, we informed her that both were celiacs and she changed the menu for one that is only GLUTEN FREE.

The last time I was at Da Nicola, I was still working at Dr. Schär, so it was long time ago. I had very good memories of the restaurant, and I was dying to go back to dipping that freshly baked gluten-free bread in the herbal oil they bring you while you wait for what you ordered. That was the first thing I asked, even before I ordered the gluten-free menu! I love when good things never change! Being so hungry, looking at the menu while enjoying that bread with oil was much easier!

Actually, now we had another problem… choose what to order! We fancied everything! The only thing we had clear was the dessert. We would order gluten free tiramisu! So we decided to start with some gluten free spaghetti carbonara. We would share all dishes, so we would not get too full and we could enjoy much better the musical that we were going to see after a while.

Although at first we did not know whether to order pizza or a risotto, in the end we decided on the gluten free pizza with Minced Meat, Mozzarela and Jalapeños. Only the name made our mouth water! The waitress warned us that this pizza was quite spicy, so we ordered another bottle of water and took off some jalapeños. It was a good decision. When the pizza arrived, only the smell that came out already indicated that the jalapeños really spicy…

And finally, the dessert arrived! Gluten Free Tiramisu! We have tried them more or less creamy, with more or less sponge cake, with more or less coffee, with more or less chocolate, with more or less cheese… it doesn’t really matter for us! There is always room in the stomach for a tiramisu, regardless of how much you have eaten before. And even more if they serve it like this!

After lunch, we went for a walk on the Gran Vía until Fuencarral and, at 4:00 p.m., we turned around to go to the theater to see the musical “Mamma Mia!”. Surely you all know the catchy songs of ABBA on which the musical has been based. The afternoon passed by so quick! And at the end of the musical, the whole theater ended up dancing and applauding. It was a magnificent afternoon!

We arrived back to Alcalá about quarter to ten at night and, although we were not very hungry, we decided to go to Más Que Bocados Sin Gluten, so that I could finally taste that delicious Caesar Salad that Isabel had talked to me so many times before… and yeah! It was very good! Very soft and, the bits of chicken fingers mixed with the sunflower seeds and the yogurt sauce made it perfect for a light dinner.

Well, the light dinner was over when we ordered the dessert! A chocolate cake with raspberry jam! How much I love it to go to Alcalá de Henares!

You can see the pictures of the trip here.

Apart from Da Nicola, you will also find these other gluten free restaurants in Madrid:
1) Da Nicola, also in:
a. Orense 4.
b. Sor Angela de la Cruz 8.

2) Taberna La Concha at 7th Cava Baja street. Awesome place for gluten free tapas.

3) TGI Fridays at Gran Via 76.

4) Tommy Mel’s at Gran Via 53.

5) La Mordida, a Mexican restaurant with a separate gluten free menu. You can find it at:
a. Belen 13.
b. Las Fuentes 3.
c. Princesa 3.
d. Pío Baroja 9.
e. Travesía del Conde 10. At the corner with Segovia 10.
f. Avenida de Brasil 6, close to the Bernabeu Stadium.

6) Pizza Jardin, where they have gluten free pizza among others:
a. Cardenal Marcelo Spinola 8.
b. Duque de Sesto 16.
c. Hortaleza 118.
d. Pensamiento 16.
e. San Francisco de Sales 25.
f. Goya 5.

7) Ristorante Emma y Julia, near the Taberna de la Concha, at Cava Baja 19.

8) Foster’s Hollywood, at Genova 6.



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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