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Verona: looking for gluten-free restaurants outside the tourist area

From visiting the north in Bolzano, explained in the first part of the trip, we went south to Verona…

Even though both of us were a bit fluey, the trip from Bolzano to Verona was not hard at all! It is always nice to drive through mountains while having a nice talk, and this is something we are really good at! Talking!

During the trip we tried to set-up an “agenda” to visit Verona in one day. What we didn’t know is that we would lose 2h due to the hotel… sometimes pictures are way too far from reality… and this was the case! The pictures at showed a room befitting a King: new, spacious, clean and full of light… what we got was totally different: tiny, dirty, smelly and dark… actually when we arrived to the hotel, the neighborhood was already a bit suspicious… then the receptionist – whose look was in line with the room we received – confirmed that when he told us that was not possible to walk to the center because there was no pedestrian way, so the only way to get there was: bus with a time table until 8 p.m.; taxi with a cost of around 15€; or drive with him with a cost of 5€ per person… no comments! We didn’t even sit on the bed… took our mobile phone, found another hotel and left before the mites could attack us!

There is a saying: “All changes are good”… this time I agreed on that haha! We found an apartment in the very center of Verona, right next to the Arena: new, clean and full of light! That’s what we needed! After leaving our luggage there and taking a shower to get rid of anything we could get from the other hotel, we went to see Juliet’s House to follow the tradition of touching her breast to be lucky in love… (off-the-record… I hope we will be luckier than her with Romeo) We arrived too late so we continued our walk to Piazza delle Erbe, Torre de Lamberti and then to the river to see the Ponte Pietra, over the Adigio river.

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“Coffee”, our contact for the apartment rental, recommended us to find a restaurant near the river, as it is a peaceful area with much less tourists than the city center, so that’s what we did. On the way to the Ponte Pietra, we walked the riverside and felt in love with the terrace of one of the restaurants: Tigella Bella at Via Sottoriva, 24 of Verona. This restaurant was not listed in Gluten Free Roads or 500.000 establecimientos sin gluten Facebook group, so we asked the waitress who told us they had a special menu for celiac people. Problem solved and decision taken! We booked a table for an hour later, to enjoy our dinner next to the river. Then we went to see the sunset from the Ponte Pietra. It is nice because the sun sets behind a beautiful skyline.

After taking some pictures and walking a bit more, we walked back to the gluten free restaurant. As we arrived a bit early, we decided to go for a sweet and sparkling Lambrusco as appetizer. The gluten free menu was a kind of Russian Roulette of gluten free sauces with baked gluten free bread rolls and cold cuts. It was a mix of varied flavors and sensations: salty, warm, sour, fresh, spicy, warm, sweet, fresh, bitter, warm… was funny though! Then we ordered more gluten free bread and, because they took too long time, they offered a salad and grilled vegetables for free. After dinner we walked back to the hotel… feeling too tired to go for a drink! Apart, there was not Hugo down there…

The day after was our last day in Verona. Regardless of that, we slept a bit long and left the apartment at latest check out possible. Then we went to visit Juliet’s house… there you can find her balcony and a statue of Juliet at the courtyard, under the balcony. To get there you need to cross a corridor full of people and paintings of couples in love. It is a lovely wall creating a nice image of illegible good wishes and love signs. Once you are at the courtyard – that was like being at the dance floor of a discotheque: a lot of people pushing to move around and get to Juliet’s statue, instead of the bar haha! – you can see Juliet statue’s head at the back with heads appearing and disappearing into the crowd, as they climb next to Juliet to get a picture with their hand on her breast. As there was no line to take the picture and everybody was messing around, we did the same!

Once we could get out of Juliet’s courtyard crowd, we went to see the Ponte Castelvecchio! As it was way too hot to be outside, we decided to use our student cards to get into the Museum of the castle. Temperature was great in there and we could also see old sculptures, paintings and weapons (lances, swords and armors) while walking around the castle and its walls. It was a good excuse to escape from the streets!

After that, we went to a random restaurant to eat. After showing the Italian celiac travel card we ordered a caprese salad and a dish of mozzarella di bufala with prosciutto and went back to the car to go to Bologna, as we had to leave it back to the rental house before 6 p.m. And that’s all about our adventure in Verona… a place worth visiting!

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Below, you will find some gluten free restaurants that are closer to the center:

1) Pepperino Pizza & Grill at Piazzetta Municipio 10.

2) Ristorante Flora at Stradone Scipione Maffei 8.

3) Ham Holly Burger at Corso Sant’anastasia 42 (this is close to Tigella Bella).



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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