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Tel-Aviv: the safest gluten-free restaurant is called Hudson Braserie

After the first part of the trip in Israel, for the moment, I was feeling well!

The third day started the same way… no breakfast at the hotel! The truth is that, considering the experience that I had in the buffet the previous days, I no longer expected to be able to have breakfast there. So, I went back to the room and ate another pack of cookies that I had in my luggage.

I agreed to meet with my Israeli colleague about 8am in the morning, since that day we had to visit another customer who was almost two far from away from Ramat Gan, to the north. I put some sheckels in my wallet and went down to wait for him. We would have time to prepare the meeting during the trip.

Once in Haifa, almost late for the meeting, we went straight to the company, which was just outside the city. The meeting was one of the hardest (and longest) of the trip. I could not eat anything during the 4 hours it lasted, i survived just with water and a coffee I was offered at the beginning. When we left, it was too late, so we had to go straight to the next meeting. Unfortunately, we did not have time to eat.

Although the client insisted on eating together, there was nowhere near where he could eat anything gluten-free without being concerned about cross-contamination.

On the way to the next visit, I ate the gluten-free crackers that my colleague brought for me. Luckily I could eat that, if not I would really have been starving for the next meeting!

It was past 4pm when we got to the next company. I think they were as eager to finish the day as we were, so the meeting was pretty quick. We went straight to the main topic. I took the necessary notes to send the spare parts, I solved all the doubts and we agreed in that we would send the rest of the information to them via email.

At half past five, we were arriving back to Tel Aviv. We went directly to a shopping mall, since my partner wanted to show me the different gluten-free brands available in Israel and to buy some other product to survive the rest of the days.

When we reached the mall, we went straight to the BBB Burger in Holon HaMerkava. A supermarket looks better on a full stomach! Upon arrival, I showed them the gluten-free travel card in Israeli and quickly told me that there was no problem.

Although they did not have a specific gluten free menu, they told me that they could adapt all the dishes. I was quite calm, since my the grandson of my colleague is celiac and he explained that every time they went out to eat with him, they went to this restaurant. Still… my confidence didn’t last really long!

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After reviewing the menu a few times, I decided to go for a hamburger with fried egg, tomato, onion, lettuce and an avocado sauce. So far so good. I really wanted to have fries as side dish, but when I asked if they were gluten free, the answer was totally unexpected: “They do not have gluten, but we fry them in the same oil that we used for the onion rings.”

Okay… “they have no idea what the cross-contamination is” I thought… my answer was very clear: “If you prepare them like this, they contain gluten, since they get contaminated by the onion rinks.” I think he understood it quite well. I then asked him again to make sure the hamburger I ordered had no gluten, nor would it have been contact with other ingredients that did contain it during the preparation. To be able to accompany the hamburger with something else, he offered me a mashed potato with cheese. It was good!

After eating the hamburger, we went to Hazi Hinam supermarket which was right across the parking space. That supermarket was crazy! I was really shocked as it felt like being in an amusement park, as each area was decorated according to the products you could find in the shelves. In addition, there were some amazing promotions, with cardboard dolls recreating scenes. Amazing!

After asking a few times for products “lelo gluten” (I’ve written it as it is pronounced), we find the shelves for gluten-free products. There was a whole corridor! Apart from the typical European brands to which we are used to, there were many more locals.

I did not buy anything because I already had gluten-free products at the hotel, but the representative insisted that I should try some kind of snack called “Bamba“, which are made from peanut butter and I do not know what else. Very good too, although a little cloying.

After the supermarket, he took me back to the hotel and I stayed there until the next day, when we would go to the West Bank, an almost isolated area of the country, which aims to separate Israel from the West Bank. To date the barrier is not finished, but is estimated to have a total length of 721km. In the photo below you can see one of the sections.

That day we visited three companies. And, again, we did not have time to eat! I guess it’s the problem that we have all the sales guys traveling far away. We try to make the most of the trip, we forget that we need time to eat… anyway! Even so, that day was very interesting, as we were able to visit one of the largest factories in the country, and they had a part totally dedicated to the manufacture of gluten-free products.

Apart from Dr. Schär’s factory in Bolzano and Zaragoza, I had not had the opportunity to visit another factory and I loved it.

At the end of that visit, we returned to Tel Aviv. We had about an hour to go back and decided to go straight for dinner. Also, it was my last night in Israel and I wanted to take advantage to buy some souvenir and watch the sunset again.

Arriving in Tel Aviv, we headed to Ramat Hachayal for dinner at the Hudson Brasserie. Upon arrival, we asked if they could prepare something gluten free and again were told that there was no problem. This time I did not show the gluten free travel card in the language of the country, as they had a specific menu for celiacs. In addition, they had gluten-free beer: Vagabond Pale Ale Brewdog. I had never heard of it!

This restaurant specializes in meats. And they serve really good meat!

I was really hungry so after listening to the waiter’s advice and recommendations about the different meats I could choose from, I opted for a 400gr entrecote with a roasted potato with a sour sauce that gave it a delicious touch.

Unlike the restaurant we went the day before, in this I did not doubt at any point that they would not make a mistake in preparing my dinner.

The meat was very tender! In addition, it was well cooked, roasted from outside and english from inside. My mouth is watering as I remember how good that entrecote was. And well, the truth is that also because I remember the super dessert I took. It was called “Nemesis” and it was a chocolate mouse with cream and caramel. It was served without “lotus” which I do not know what it was but I was told it contained gluten, but I did not care. Wow! It was a long time since I had enjoyed that much with a dessert. I think the last time it was with the tiramisu we ate in Barcelona.

After dinner, my colleague left me in a shop at Dizengoff Street, parallel to the Hayarkon promenade, where I bought a souvenir for myself and another for Isabel.

From there, I went straight to the promenade for a walk and enjoy the breeze and the sunset watching the sea. This time the sunset was not as beautiful as the day before, as I had seen it from Jaffa, while looking at Tel Aviv’s skyline. Even so, I enjoyed watching how active this city is.

With the sun already below the horizon, I took a taxi back to Ramat Gan. The next day I was picked up at 4am in the morning to go to the airport.

After passing a very strict security check, I arrived at the boarding gate just to start shipping. On the first flight I had a gluten free menu – again vegetarian – which consisted of a scrambled egg with potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms; a couple of rice puffs filled with margarine and fruit.

I had two hours of stopover in Germany, but I did not find anything to eat, so I ate some cracker to endure until the arrival in Barcelona. I was planning to go to McDonalds.

When I arrived in Barcelona, I discovered that McDonalds was only inside, after the security check. Oops! I did not have many options… and when I went to information to ask, I was told there was only one Pans & Company. Honestly, I did not really like it, since in the one inside the Airport, I saw that they did not use gloves to prepare the sandwiches.

I was starving, but I did not have many options, and besides, the taxi that had to pick me up was late, so I decided to go and try the Pans & Company. When I arrived, I saw that they did not have the sticker on the cash machine, indicating that they had gluten-free sandwiches. When I asked, they confirmed that they did have them, but that they would take longer than usual to serve me. No problem, since my taxi would still take an hour to arrive. Of the two options – chicken sandwich with cheese or bacon sandwich with cheese – I chose bacon.

When they brought me the sandwich, I was glad it came in one of those baking bags. Zero pollution (of any kind)!

Until here the my trip to Israel. You can see the pictures of the trip here.

List of restaurants in Israel:

1. Orna and Ella – cafe-restaurant with a selection of gluten free dishes. It is in Sheinkin 33 of Tel Aviv.

2. Amore Miu, another italian restaurante where toe at gluten free pasta. It is in Ibn Gvirol 100 of Tel Aviv.

3. America Burgers. It is in Allenby 112 of Tel Aviv.

4. Anastasia,  a vegan restaurant where you can find the gluten free dishes identified in the menú. It is in Friedmann 54 of Tel Aviv.

5. Arpa’s. They have gluten free menú. It is in Hacarmel 38, Carmel Market of Tel Aviv.

6. Buddha Burgas, another vegan restaurant with a selection of gluten free dishes in their menú. It is in Yehuda Halevy 53 of Tel Aviv.

7. “BBB Burgers” restaurant chain. They will serve you a burger with gluten free buen. Be careful with the fries as they cook them in the same oil tan onion rings. There are many.

8. Bazili, a pizzeria in in Yehuda Maccabee 53 of Tel Aviv.

9. The Original Pancake House, for gluten free creps in Hangar 22 Tel Aviv harbor.

10. Hudson Brasserie, where you will ifnd a gluten free menu. It is in The Iron Age 27, Ramat Hahayal, Tel Aviv.

11. Totoma, It is in Dizengoff 265 corner with Yirmiyahu of Tel Aviv.

12. Tiger Lily, a thai restaurant with gluten free menu. It is in Iron Age 32, Ramat Hachayal of Tel Aviv.

13. Tandoori, an Indian restaurant with gluten free menu. It is in Dizengoff Square, 2 Zamenhof Street of Tel Aviv.

14. Mel and Michelle, another Italian restaurant in Ben Yehuda 155 of Tel Aviv.

15. Mexicana. They have a gluten free menú. It is in Bograshov 7 of Tel Aviv and in Yirmiyahu 17.

16. Neve Tzedek – Place of Meat, they have some gluten free dishes. It is in Shabazi 65, Neve Tzedek of Tel Aviv.

17. Stick House, where you will find a selection of homemade ice cream, all gluten free, lactose free and sacarose free. It is in Dizengoff 147 of Tel Aviv.

18. Johnny Building Falafel, where you will be able to eat gluten free falafel, including pita bread. It is in Tchernichovsky 2 of Tel Aviv.

19. Rio Grande, a steak house in Herzl 4 of Tel Aviv.



P.S.: Please keep in mind that in this blog I share my trips, anecdotes and experiences about gluten free travel around the world. It is possible that, in any of my trips, I go to some restaurant not trained by the associations where the risk of being contaminated with gluten exists. I kindly ask you to also take into account that the list of references can change. Please, always double check before eating in the restaurants we recommend. Thank you very much!


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