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Gluten free travel can be as exciting as travelling with gluten! In fact, our gluten-free trips have always been super complete. Both for the gluten-free destinations we have visited and for the gluten-free restaurants that have made our trip even more enjoyable. We love to eat and travel! That’s why we share our experiences and anecdotes of gluten free travel around the world in the form of adventures.

It’s true that a gluten-free trip requires a little more preparation! On this page you will find a map of gluten-free restaurants in the world that we have expanded on when we returned from our gluten-free trips; you will also find more than 140 articles about our experience – mostly good, but sometimes also bad – travelling gluten-free around the world; the gluten-free celiac travel card in more than 35 different languages, making it one of the most useful gluten-free travel tools; information on the gluten-free airlines with which we have flown gluten-free; and finally, a section explaining how to prepare for a gluten-free trip before and during the trip.