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To organize a gluten free trip has no secret… you will do it exactly the same way than non-celiac people organize their trips! At the end, gastronomy is only a small part of traveling.

Before the trip:

1.Contact the airline you will flight with and ask for a gluten free menu (especially if your flight will be overseas). There are some airlines that only offer this service for flights of more than 4 hours. If your flight is shorter, then maybe you will have some kind of snacks or you should just take something with you. Here a list of airlines prepared to offer a gluten free meal on board.

2.Before booking the hotel, make sure they will be able to offer you a gluten free meal.

3.Take a always a Toasting Bag with you. Usually hotels do not have a toaster only for gluten free, so you will be able to toast your bread avoiding cross contamination.

4.Look for gluten free restaurants and shops by:

  • Contacting with the Celiac Association of your destination (country or region).
  • Check in the internet what restaurants offer gluten free meals and where they are. In case there are none, do not worry, take the card with the description of celiac disease in the language of the country and show it to the staff. You will find grilled chicken and salad everywhere.

5.If you contract a full pack (transport, hotels and guide), inform the travel agency and they will sort everything out. In any case, when you arrive to destination, make sure your guide is well informed.

6.Reserve always a space in your luggage for a piece of bread and some cookies with you. For the first day or just in case.

During the trip:

Besides the information the Associations and Google gave you about gluten free restaurants. Other recommendations are:

1.Restaurant-food chains are usually a safe option.

2.Use these gluten free apps. They will inform about the ones nearer you.

3.In case you do not find any restaurant that you like:

  • McDonald’s (salad, fries, icecream and other options).
  • Italian restaurants are always a good alternative (Antipasto, salads and meats).
  • Supermarket + beautiful park is always nice (if the weather is good).

4.Print a celiac card with the description of the celiac disease in the language of the your destination country, so you are sure they will understand what you need. Here you will find the the celiac card with the celiac disease description in many languages.